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Where Is Your Pancreas Located | Where Is The Pancreas Located | Health Info Blog

How To Know Where Is Your Pancreas Located In A Human Body

Where Is Your Pancreas Located

Many of you may wonder what a pancreas is. The pancreas is nothing but a gland which is located in the abdomen of our body. It is a rectangular shaped gland. Many of us don’t know about this gland like we are familiar with the other parts of the body. The pancreas is generally unnoticed by us. But whenever it causes a problem, we need to treat it immediately. The most severe disease that it causes is the pancreas cancer. The pancreas is a vital portion of our digestive track. The gland d pancreas is made from tissues and ducks. It has many ducks. The most vital duck is the pancreatic duck. This duct is very tiny in size. The gland pancreas has many parts of its body. They are body, head, neck and tail. The head is the largest portion of the pancreas and it is located on the right surface of the abdomen. The neck is the communication path between body and head. The body is between tail and neck. It is the middle portion of the gland and blood vessels run through this portion. The tail is the last remaining part of the pancreas. Some of you may wonder where is where is the pancreas located How To Know Where Is Your Pancreas Located In A Human Bodyyour pancreas located. Well, this article will be your answer.

  • Deep abdomen:

The gland pancreas is situated at the cavernous of our abdomen. It is located between our spine and stomach. Some portions of it are situated behind the stomach. Other parts are located in the bend of the intestine that is familiar as the duodenum. As the pancreas is situated deep in the abdomen, tumors in here can be sensed very easily. We can also know it from that why general pancreatic cancer does not indicate any signs at the primary stage of its beginning.

  • The pancreas gland is between the stomach and spine.
  • Some parts of the pancreas are behind the stomach. Others are in the small intestine.
  • Visualizing the location:

You can picture the location of the pancreas by a very simple and easy way. Take your right hand. Then make the thumb and the pinkie finger together. Make sure that the rest fingers are straight and jointed. Now it is time to put your right hand in the middle part of your belly just beneath the lower ribs. Make sure that your fingers are directed to the left. Then you may know that the pancreas and your hand are on the same level. This is the simple way that you can use to know the location of the pancreas.

  • Remember to use your right hand.
  • Using left hand instead of the right hand will not give you the exact picture of the location of the pancreas.

where is your pancreas located How To Know Where Is Your Pancreas Located In A Human BodyThis

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is the answer of your question where is the pancreas located. The gland pancreas generates a hormone that is familiar to us by the name of insulin. Insulin helps to control the amount of glucose in the blood. The pancreas also generates some other hormones such as glucagon which has the function of increasing glucose in our blood. Thus pancreas functions in our body. We need to take proper care of it in order to save ourselves from pancreatic cancer.

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