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Essential Steps For How To Stop Coughing

How To Stop Coughing

The cough is a kind of disease that, irritate the lungs and produce mucus substance in the lungs. It is generally occurring by cold. There may be an infection in the upper respiratory system and causes coughing. There are two kinds of coughing that one may suffer from. That are dry cough (it does not produce any mucus) and general coughing that produce mucus in the respiratory system. If you are suffering from cough and eager to know how to stop coughing firstly you should detect what kind of coughing you are suffering from among the above two. And then you should identify the reasons of coughing. Generally if you are having too much cold then your chances to suffer from cough increases. There are also many reasons out of getting cold these are too much smoking, staying in dirty and dusty living spaces, any kind of viral attack, suffering from influenza, asthma, whooping cough and so on. There are also two separations of coughing on the basis of its lasting time they are 1) Acute and 2) Chronic. Acute cough is lasting generally one to three weeks but chronic cough can be harmful to your body and may be lasting over three weeks. Steps that should be taken by you are how to stop coughing Essential Steps For How To Stop Coughinggiven below to stop coughing.
1.       Save yourself from any kind of infection:
Infection in the respiratory system is the most dangerous reason for coughing. It may be a viral infection or a bacterial infection. If you are worried about coughing and want to know how to stop coughing you follow the conditions that are given below:

  • Keep yourself neat and clean.
  • Avoid any dusty or filthy environment
  • Keep your living room dry and withered.
  • Don not take any kind of roadside or open placed food or drink.

2.    Avoid cold:
Cold is one of the basic reasons to suffer from coughing. Home remedies can be used for how to cure a cold If you are suffering from cold there will a huge chance to be suffering from cough. Getting cold will make weak your upper respiratory and make nerves feeble.

  • The possibilities to get affected with cold will increase if you take too much cold storage products to eat. So it will be wise to avoid any kind of icy foods.
  • Do not use water that is below room temperature for bath or drink. Use only normal water.
  • Do not bath in river, rain or shower for a long time as you are serious about how to stop a  cough.

3.       Quit Smoking and Drinking:
Smoking and too much drinking hurts your lungs as well as upper respiratory systems. Smoking should be stopped to get rid of coughing.

  • Smoking really injurious to health it produces mucus in the lungs and make the nerves of the respiratory system weak.
  • Drinking too much is also hampering the body system and a big reason to affect with cough.
  • In case of chronic cough you must stop smoking and drinking to cure yourself.

4.       Honey the best home remedy:
It is better to make the habit to use home remedy against any kind of disease. Sore throat remedies can be used to stop coughing. Cause this kind of medicine has no side effect to the human body as the chemical treatment do. And honey is one of them.

  • You can use warm honey to get rid of coughing. You need to take that three times in a day.
  • You also use honey as a shake with Clarified butter and other spices and it will be better on how to stop coughing.

5.       Try garlic and ginger shake:
Garlic and ginger is the most useful among the spices we are using in everyday life. You can take a little garlic and ginger shake to cure cough. These are natural remedies for sore throat and to stop coughing.

  • First take some pieces of garlic and ginger in a pot.
  • After that grind it and make warm them with mustered oil and honey.
  • Then take the shake at night it will help you to feel better.

6.       Red Tea The most useful element:
You can take red tea with ginger boiled to get relief from cough. It is helpful in cough treatment as well as your body.

  • Take a pot of clean water and one teaspoon tea leaf.
  • Then take some pieces of ginger and boiled it for ten minutes.
  • After that used to take it at morning.

7.       Take non prescribed medicine:
You may take primary curing steps on how to stop coughing such as:

  • You can take an antiviral medicine such as azithromycine 500mg for three days. It will help you to kill the viruses if you are affected by them.
  • There are a lot of color-mint tablets in the market these are helpful to throw off the mucus from the lungs.
  • You can also take some antitussive syrup of Dextromethorphan HBr Pseudoephedrine Triprolidine group.

How to stop a cough Essential Steps For How To Stop Coughing8.       Don’t take food that produce mucus:
You should avoid food tours are produced mucus highly in your body. It will help you to stop coughing quickly.

  • Keep avoiding to drink milk or milk based products like butter, yogurt, curd cause milk produce mucus.
  • Do not eat cress and Lady’s finger until you get relief from coughing.

9.       Take Doctors directions:
The above steps will help you to get relief from dry cough or acute cough but if you are suffering from cough for more than three weeks then you must go to your doctor to check.

  • Your doctor may check your cough and diagnosis it and then suggest you to take further steps.
  • If there detect chronic coughing then he might hospitalize you to continue the proper step.

10.      Change your lifestyle and the condition of your living spaces:
Changing your lifestyle may also help you on how to cure a  cough.

  • Do not use too cold thing that may affect you.
  • Clean the environment around you.
  • Give up your bad habits if there any.
  • Keep yourself fit and eat nutritious food.

All of above remind that coughing is not so dangerous disease if it cured in a perfect time. Used to check your physical condition regularly and keep yourself fit for all time. Use mask or handkerchief to visit outside.


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